where to buy dry ice?If you are looking to buy high quality dry ice but you don’t want to pay a fortune for it, then it’s a great idea to visit our shop right here on this website. Buying dry ice is something which we specialise in and we want to pass on all our experience so you don’t fall into any traps that may exist. However, there are a few places on the web where you can buy dry ice.
We have been buying and selling dry ice for many years as we use it everyday for transportation of our food products. We are without a doubt one of the largest purchasers and users of dry ice in the UK.
We are able to pass on significant savings on even the smallest amount of dry ice we sell (10Kg)
Many firms require you to buy in large volumes, but here at nextdaydryice.co.uk, we offer for sale blocks or pellets in 10kg bags. If you are looking to buy dry ice for parties, dry ice for Halloween, for stage shows, tricks, youtube, restaurants or scientific needs you can be sure we will help you out. There are a couple of ways to purchase our dry ice. You can either order online and pay using paypal or you can simply phone us up at our depot in Somerset and request a cash on collection service which will gladly honour.
Buy dry ice for halloweenSo what do people who are looking to buy dry ice use it for?
There are incredible diverse reasons why people use dry ice. Believe it or not, it can be used to repair dents in vehicles and clean engine components. Mostly though, it is used for special effects at Halloween parties and to add the wow factor when entertaining. It is perfectly safe but most be handled with gloves as the dry ice is approximately 78 degrees below zero.
Also it must be used in a well ventilated area as the gas that sublimates is of course carbon dioxide.